Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Details, details, details!

Come join us for a day of Burgess Family Fun!  We have it all covered, from time to get to know your cousins, to a tour of family history sites around Pine Valley…there is something for everyone!

Events for the Day Include:
·       Registration and Welcome
·       Lunch
·       Family Meeting
·       Speakers
·       Activities for Children
·       Auction (We are also looking for “GREAT” Auction Items)
·       Tour of the Pine Valley Church
·       Walking/Driving Tour to show where the original Burgess Homes and Sawmills were located
·       Tour of the Cemetery

We have created permanent tabs at the top of the page for you to easily find what you are looking for:

Location and Logistics
What You Can Do To Help

We are always looking for Ideas and Volunteers!  Please contact us with both!