Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Details, details, details!

Come join us for a day of Burgess Family Fun!  We have it all covered, from time to get to know your cousins, to a tour of family history sites around Pine Valley…there is something for everyone!

Events for the Day Include:
·       Registration and Welcome
·       Lunch
·       Family Meeting
·       Speakers
·       Activities for Children
·       Auction (We are also looking for “GREAT” Auction Items)
·       Tour of the Pine Valley Church
·       Walking/Driving Tour to show where the original Burgess Homes and Sawmills were located
·       Tour of the Cemetery

We have created permanent tabs at the top of the page for you to easily find what you are looking for:

Location and Logistics
What You Can Do To Help

We are always looking for Ideas and Volunteers!  Please contact us with both!


  1. Have a grandbaby due at the same time.
    It may make a differnce if I get to make it.

    I do have a question?
    Are there any suggestions on places to stay near Pine Valley. Is St. George the closest?

  2. There are camping and RV sites available in the campgrounds that weekend. For reservations go to and search for Pine Valley Recreation Area or here:

  3. Thank you Cindy, I did not even think about campgrounds still being open at Pine Valley. I was thinking they closed at Labor Day. Lynne Johnston